The trip home

Off the tip of North Pender Island you can often see grey whales. Apparently even from 40 miles away across the ocean one can hear them slapping their tales on the water. We were told that one can stand on the beach and the sound of the whales singing can travel underwater and as the sounds hit the beach it is as if it is coming from right under your feet.

Saturday morning was clear and the ocean like glass, a beautiful day to enjoy the ferry trip to Vancouver. En route we saw a group seals and a few killer whales of the coast of Saturna Island.

From Vancouver we made our way out of the city east to Hope and then through the Fraser Canyon continuing on northward on the long journey into the interior. The landscape changes dramatically as we drive. From the summer lushness which still lingers on the lower mainland, we drive over the barren hillsides of the semi-desert of the Thompson River region, climbing higher all the time to roughly 2,400 feet above sea level. As we drew closer to home Fall greeted us arrayed in gold, crimson and bronze.

We pulled into the driveway at 7pm on Sunday, glad to be home again. It is always good to come back after being away, even though there are loads of chores to complete before winter and it was cool enough today to start up the woodstove, but I have great hopes of an Indian Summer if it is still politically correct to call it that.

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