Going home tomorrow

Our stay is almost over, our friend has rallied and is eating well and most of the pain is gone so it was time well spent. We leave Saturday morning on the 9 am ferry. I made reservations this morning.

I tried to book passage over the internet but since we will be towing a boat they wouldn’t let me, so I had to phone. Why do business’ have to put names instead of numbers, I am stupid about those. Anyway after waiting for about half an hour listening to elevator music I was booked, but thank goodness we were not going to be over 39ft or I would have been out of luck. Where do they get 39ft why not 40 it a nice round number.

You might have gathered BC Ferries is not my favourite organization. Having lived on Vancouver Island for many years and having been subject to their schedules and long wait times I had sworn I would never go on a ferry again. But there you are, duty called, but I hope it never calls again in regards to the ferries. Of course to the tourist the whole ferry thing can be quite exciting and it is truly beautiful scenery but when you have 600 miles to get home it is wearying to spend the first hours of it dawdling on a boat.

So I will not be posting again until I get home, so talk to you on Monday.

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