Depends on your view

The place we are staying on Pender Island is surrounded by trees. They grow right up against the house, scraping the roof, dripping with moisture, almost blocking the view of the ocean. It feels like a prison to me. I catch a glimpse of the sunrise if it is not cloudy outside, but that is all the sun that reaches in during the day. Moody, depressing and grey. If I wasn’t here to help my husband’s friend I would leave on the next ferry.
Yet I have seen similar trees in a place on Vancouver Island called ‘Cathedral Grove’ which was awe inspiringto me. As the light filtered down through the old growth it caused me to look up and acknowledge my maker.
I guess light is what I am currently missing. Jesus said he was the light of the world, I have to keep looking up or the darkness of the world will pull me down.

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