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On the right hand side of this page you can see the feed for my other blog. Please pop over and visit me. I have moved my domain name over and can be found on my own domain www.caribooponderer.com

There are some interesting posts on this site you might enjoy, check the tags on the bottom right or the catergories on the left.

If your feed is still caribooponderer.wordpress.com you will need to update it. I can be found at http://www.caribooponderer.com or caribooponderer.blogspot.com both those addresses will take you to the same place.

Hope to see you at the other place. Vic

Finished messing about with domains

This blogs address has changed back to caribooponderer.wordpress.com that is because I have had the domain name pointed at the blogspot address. So regardless I will be found at www.caribooponderer.com or caribooponderer.com and at caribooponderer.blogspot.com. I will still write the occasional post here but it will usually be on something that will give me a reason to  link back to the Blogger blog,

I hope that is going to improve the ranking of the blog. Anyway I think everyone should be able to find me.

You will see a link on the top right side of this page to the blog where I am writing most of the time. Originally I was going to keep them separate but it is hard coming up with something for two blogs and there was no point really. Yes there will be some paid posts on the blog but I usually try and write something from my life experience anyway with a link to an ad or two hidden in there. I don’t want to write ads just for the sake of it.

So if you have found your way here just click on the first post topic under “My other blog” and you will be there in a jiffy or on either of the two links above.

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Check where I will be staying next winter

I found a place to stay, in budget, cute and clean and will take Annie the dog. Read about it on my other blog.

Getting behind with my blogging friends

I am getting a bit behind with blogging, with running two now and having a host of lovely people to respond to, plus writing advertisements I have got a long to do list. Right now I am starting to put plants out and we are meant to have a lovely few days of weather so I have got to get to it. I will get around to everyone who has left a comment plus visiting as soon as I can. That is on both blogs.

Slowly I am moving back to Blogger as one can do so much more on it that you can’t on WordPress.  I had a company contact me yesterday wanting to pay me $40 if I would put a text link on my blog so that is easy money and I can’t do that sort of thing on WordPress.com unless I host my own blog and I have decided I don’t want the bother, or at least not at this time.   So far I have found Blogvertize the most lucrative of the pay for blogging companies. I have earned about $120 in three weeks. Over a year that adds up to $1440 if it keeps up, that is a lot towards a holiday. If my PR goes up maybe they will offer me more per post.  I don’t seem to get much elsewhere, but I am working hard on raising the PR on my blogger blog. I am mostly visiting from there now so I hope people will start moving their links for me over to that address. http://caribooponderer.blogspot.com. I have called it Cariboo Ponderer’s Mexican Pot of Gold however the name might have to change as Mexico seems to have fallen by the wayside. I am currently trying to find somewhere we can afford that is warm in winter. It is not as easy as it sounds. 

The only thing about WordPress I prefer really to Blogger is the easiness of responding to folk. Blogger is a bit clumsy I think, unless I am doing it wrong. I have comments sent to my gmail and respond from there, which takes me to their profile and then if they have more than one blog I have to hunt around for the right place to leave a comment. WordPress had a person’s email and blog link together with the comment so it was much easier and quicker.

Anyway the sun is out and it is a balmy 12C or about 53F and that is Spring here so I have to go outside and enjoy it.

I don’t know if this is taking Mother’s Day too far

Found this in my Google Reader this morning, go read about it at Frostfirezoo.com

Relationships are hard work

I have spent days looking for a place in Mexico with two bedrooms and baths so hubby and I, plus our friend, can go to Mexico next winter, and so has our friend S.  My husband has left it up to us as he does not use computers and during this search our personality differences started to show. 

I was trying to fit everything to the budget I had put on it and checking every detail and S. was saying “Let’s just go and don’t worry about the cost”, which I find irresponsible . I wanted to find out about medical insurance, visas etc. I am a detail person and like to hash everything out, I worry anything like a pit bull until I am satisfied. S. on the other hand is devil may care, let the chips fall as they may, which may be fine if we were 21 but I am 61 and they are both 70, I think the time has come when we need to show a little caution. Fine thing to have a heart attack in Mexico with no medical insurance.

Last night we eventually ticked each other off enough that he said he wouldn’t go with anyone so nit picky about money as I am and I don’t want to go with someone who has no regard for finances at all. So my poor hubby said he did not want to be in the middle keeping the peace. So we are going to make our own plans. Whether hubby and I will end up in Mexico next winter I don’t know, I am still looking, but I am also entertaining renting something in the southern states, like Arizona, Texas or New Mexico. Anywhere warm in winter can still be my Mexican Pot of Gold even if it isn’t in Mexico.

So currently the relationship between me and S. are strained, fortunately he lives in the village and I do not have to see him until this has blown over. Hubby is handling it well, he is very diplomatic. He says he has to be, around two strong personalities like we are. I am not sure if I should consider that as a complement or not.

I didn’t realize Ottawa was that cold

Ottawa architect builds home office in back yard photo

Ottawa, Canada is the second coldest capital city in the world, after Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Not the kind of place that you would expect people to be building home offices in the back yard, but architect Kevin Deevey did. It is a simple, modern design with commercial aluminum window frames, dark exterior plywood and a big of corrugated metal….

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